Still in beta, Poll2Poll is a mutual-aid app that aims to be a platform for citizens to report updates on local polling sites (like closures and long lines), and connects voters to community-organized ride shares in the event that a poll location is unexpectedly closed. 

It grew out of an Intro to UX Design Workshop: On Bartering & Mutual Aid Strategies, a 4-day long user experience workshop led by designer, artist, and educator Fei Liu. 

The beta version of this project was made possible thanks to the talented mentor-mentee development pairs at Emergent Works


Our team is a collaboration amongst mentor-mentee pairs. Dierdre Shea as UX Designer with mentorship from Fei Liu. From Emergent Works, Dejohn Huffman developed the app software with mentorship from Vinicus Baggio Fuentes. Army Armstead lead Project Management, mentored by Roberto Goizueta.

Poll2Poll Team